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Bone China

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Bone China

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We are famous for our hand decorated bone china, which has been produced at Glyn-Coch for nearly 50 years, and we still decorate for stock and on commission. All our bone china is food and dishwasher safe, so can be used for ornamental or practical purposes.

Huw and Thelma took over in 2000, and in 2002 teamed up with the founder of the original business, Jean Evans, to produce new ranges of hand decorated bone china decoration. We use beautiful original designs by Jean (who taught the apprentices at Royal Worcester in the '60s). She specializes in the diverse flora and fauna of South West Wales, but also paints castles, local scenes, and so on. Jean likes to paint from life, so you can see why she says that one of her hardest ever projects was our tribute to the very popular Llanelli Pottery Cockerel. This was a copy of the French National Emblem, and Llanelli's 1920s design is avidly collected even now. It was designed for very rapid production-line hand painting and our version had to exhibit many of the original characteristics without being a direct copy of the historic designs, and yet be suitable for our very different technique.

Thelma Jones has created many free hand designs on earthenware, and on ceramic jewellery and has recently started adapting some for bone china. A set of Celtic Knot designs is already in production, and as this is being written she is working on some new whimsical sheep and seaside designs. (See below)

We also use photographs to decorate china, and offer a special package of comemorative china for weddings, anniversaries etc.

Our range of china mugs decorated with photographs of rare breeds of sheep has had success, which we are hoping to repeat with a set of mugs decorated with pictures of vintage tractors.

We do not make our own bone china (our small remote farm does not have the power supply), but buy it from established British manufacturers or wholesalers. In current market conditions it is almost impossible to be sure where the china is made, even if it does have a British brand name, but we try our best to support genuine British manufacturers, and would like to hear from anyone who makes bone china of suitable quality in the UK


We claim the copyright on all images created by ourselves and on behalf of those who have created images for us. While we would be pleased to assist you in whatever project you have in mind (large or small) we will take action against anyone who uses our images without permission. So Please ask first.


We decorate bone china with traditional and modern designs, using permanent, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe techniques, for ornamental or practical use.

Where to find it?

We sell Mail Order or wholesale to Gift and Homeware shops and retail at craft and gift shows in SW Wales.


Prettier and more delicate than standard china, but very practical and ranges to suit most tastes regardless of age or gender