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Bone China List

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Bone China List

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About our China

Most of the china we decorate is described as "fine bone china" and is finer, lighter and stronger than earthenware or stoneware, which tend to make thicker and heavier pots than the china that we use.

The technique we use to "print" the china uses materials with 265 colours, so can accurately reproduce photographs, and when copying our hand painted designs can faithfully represent the shading of the original painting

We do NOT use the processes used for cheap supermarket or promotional mugs. Screen printing - though another craft with a long and honourable history - can only apply about three colours, and has a "cartoony effect" when used for pictorial designs. Dye sublimation, is a more modern and versatile technique, but can result in losely bound decoration that can wash away in time.

Our decoration sinks into the glaze when the china is fired at about 1000C, and is preserved indefinitely. We are told that the Romans used the same technique (though not with our computer controlled kilns!), which is why we can still learn so much from the china found by archeologists.

We can decorate almost any bone china item, including dinner services, tea and coffee sets etc. The table below lists only mugs, most of which we have in stock, and shows what the various designs look like on china. Please ask if you would like us to decorate other items of china - you never know we may already have, what you want, in stock too!

The list below is a provisional list associated with a complete re-write of our website. We hope that as time goes on we will be able to fill in some of the gaps, making it more useful to you.

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Celtic Knott.. Classic Designs.. Rare Sheep.. Vintage Tractors.. Whimsical Designs .. Welsh Themes.. Royal China.. Guest Designers

Item Decoration No Price
Straight mug Celtic Knott green 1 £7.00 Celtic Knott design 1
Straight mug Celtic Knott Round 1 £7.00 Celtic Knott design 2
Straight mug Celtic Knott square 1 £7.00 Celtic Knott design 3 Top
Straight mug (Handle B) Cl Daffodil Standard 1 Please
Classic Daffodil posy
Straight mug Cl Dylan Thomas Boat House 1 £7.00 Dylan Thomas Boat House across estuary
Straight mug Cl Llanelli Cockerel 1 £7.00 Tribute to the Lannelli Pottery Cockerel design
Straight mug Cl Owl Barn 1 £7.00 Portrait of a Barn Owl by Jean Evans
Straight mug Cl Owl Little 1 £7.00 Portrait of a Little Owl by Jean Evans
Straight mug Cl Owl Tawny 1 £7.00 Portrait of a Tawny Owl by Jean Evans
Straight mug Cl Pansy Only hand painted NA Please
Twisted handle mug Cl Puffins 1 Please
Portrait of Puffins by Jean Evans
Straight mug Cl Spinning Wheel 1 £7.00 Spinning wheel
Straight mug Cl Spring-time in Wales 1 £7.00 Portrait of wild flowers of SW Wales in Spring by Jean Evans
Straight mug Cl Wayside posy 1 £7.00 Portrait of Wayside flowers by Jean Evans Top
Straight mug (Handle B) RS Sheep Bluefaced Leicester 1 Please
Blue-faced Leicester sheep
Straight mug RS Sheep Cotswold 1 £7.00 Cotswold sheep
Straight mug RS Sheep Hebridean. Awaiting firing 0 Please
Straight mug RS Sheep Herdwick 1 £7.00 Herdwick sheep
Straight mug RS Jacob 1 £7.00 Jacob sheep
Straight mug RS Sheep Lleyn: Awaiting firing Please
Straight mug (HandleB) RS Sheep Manx 1 Please
Manx sheep
Straight mug RS Sheep Norfolk Horn 1 £7.00 Norfolk Horn sheep
Straight mug (Handle B) RS Wenslydale 1 Please
Wensleydale sheep
Straight mug RS Sheep Whitefaced woodland 1 £7.00 White-faced Woodland sheep Top
Straight mug Tr DB 2D tractor 1 £7.00 David Brown 2D tractor
Straight mug Tr DB Cropmaster tractor 1 £7.00 David Brown Cropmaster
Straight mug Tr DB25 tractor 1 £7.00 David Brown 25 Tractor
Dumpy mug Tr Ferguson TEA20 Tractor 1 Please
Ferguson TEA20 Tractor
Straight mug Tr Fordson Dexta Tractor 1 £7.00 Fordson Dexta Tractor
Straight mug Tr International B275 tractor 1 £7.00 International B275 tractor
Straight mug Tr Massey Ferguson 135 1 £7.00 Massey Ferguson 135 tractor
Straight mug Tr Massey Ferguson 35: Awaiting firing Please
Straight mug Tr Nuffield 4-65 tractor 1 £7.00 Nuffield 4-65
Dumpy mug Tr Roadless Ploughmaster 75 1 Please
Roadless Ploughmaster 75 Top
Straight mug WS Beach huts 1 £7.00 Beach Huts
Straight mug WS Ewe are lovely 1 £7.00 Whimsical sheep: Ewe are Lovely
Straight mug WS Ewe are lovely: variants of this design may be available 1 £7.00 NA
Straight mug WS Ewe are My Friend 1 £7.00 Whimsical sheep: You are my Friend
Straight mug WS From me to ewe 1 £7.00 Whimsical sheep: From Me to Ewe
Straight mug WS I love ewe 1 £7.00 Whimsical Sheep: I Love Ewe
Straight mug WS scene with pond 1 £7.00 Scene with pond
Straight mug WS Seasons Bleetings 1 £7.00 Whimsical sheep: Seasons Bleatings
Straight mug WS Lighthouse and Bristol Channel Trader 1 £7.00 Lighthouse and Bristol Channel Trader
Straight mug WS Night Owl 1 £7.00 Night Owl
Straight mug WS I don't do mornings 1 £7.00 Whimsical owl:I dont do mornings Top
Tankard mug WT Castell Coch 1 Please
Castell-Coch, Cardiff
Straight mug WT Coracle 1 £7.00 Taf Coracle from St Clears
Waisted mug WT Daffodil small 1 Please
Small Daffodil posy
Straight mug (Handle B) WT Red Kite 1 Please
Red Kite flying over
Straight mug WT Welsh Ladies 1 £7.00 Welsh Ladies spinning with a 'Great Wheel'
Straight mug WT Welsh Mountain Sheep 1 £7.00 Welsh Mountain Sheep
Tankard mug WT Kidwely castle 1 Please
Kidwely Castle Top
Tankard mug Queen's Jubilee Mug 1 Please
Queen's Jubilee Mug Top
Dumpy mug Wren by Louise Scott 1 Please
Wren by Louise Scott
Dumpy mug Feather and Fern by Louise Scott 1 Please
Feather and Fern by Louise Scott
Dumpy mug Lovebirds by Louise Scott 1 Please
Lovebirds by Louise Scott
Straight mug Castell Coch by Gayle Rogers 1 Please
Gayle Rodger's colourful rendition of Castell Coch Top
Straight mug The Norwegian Church by Gayle Rodgers 0 Please
Gayle Rodger's colourful rendition of the Norwegian Church Top
Straight mug Roath Park by Gayle Rodgers 0 Please
Gayle Rodger's colourful rendition of Roath Park Top
Straight mug 1 £7.00 NA



We decorate bone china with traditional and modern designs, for ornamental or practical use.

Our decoration is of photographic quality, and is fired on at traditional high temperatures to give a permanent, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe finish.

How to buy?

Look at the list. Click on a picture to see a bigger version in a new tab. When you have found something you like write, e-mail or phone us using the contact information in the footer of this page etc. and tell us what you would like.

We will tell you about availability and carriage cost etc. and hopefully arrange delivery in the next few days.

Can't see what you want?

You could try our Etsy shop. If you can't find what you want there.....

Contact us, using information in the footer of this page, and we will try to provide it for you.

Most things are possible, miracles may take a little longer!