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China Decorating Service

Wedding china selection

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We decorate china to your requirements using your own drawings, photos or our own unique artwork.

We can work from artwork provided in most standard graphic formats (e.g. jpg,tif,pdf, eps, Illustrator etc.) or from original drawings, paintings or photographs with good definition and contrast.

All decorated items (unless gilded) are dishwasher and microwave safe. The techniques we use for commissions ensure that our prices are competitive, and that finishes are high quality and permanent


We have been carrying out special commissions for individuals, local organisations and businesses since 2002, with orders ranging from half a dozen items up to several hundreds. We have worked with artists and crafts people to explore the use of their art in another medium. We have decorated, mugs, plates, wall plaques, vases, or complete dinner services. Our customers have included for example: -


How much does it cost

Each order is unique, and we will work with you to find the best value option for you. Obviously, the bigger the quantities of china we buy in, the cheaper each item is, conversely single items can be more expensive. There are also set up costs for new projects, but these are shared between items, so the more items in each order the cheaper each item is. However, as a rough guide single items (after decoration) will cost about £100 each, while 100 standard items would cost less than £10. At the time of writing large orders of common standard plates or mugs would cost between£6.00 to £8.00 depending on quantity. (But remember that this is for bone china, with 265 colour photoquality decoration, not the 3 colour screen printed earthenware or stoneware, turned out by the ton, that you can buy for less!) Repeat orders no longer require the set up costs, and if they are expected we can buy materials in even more economic packages, so costs and time to delivery will hopefully be reduced.


  1. Simple jobs could be completed in as little as a fortnight, but please allow 2 months to allow for more complicated orders, or delays in the supply chain. (But do not be afraid to challenge us! You can see a flow chart of a typical project here.)
  2. Write, phone, or e-mail us to give us a rough idea of what you would like to do, and we will discuss how to proceed with your project
  3. Send (or deliver) your artwork, and choose the china shapes on which you want it printed. (Or ask us to adapt our own designs to your specification, or create new designs for you.)If required, we will endeavour to return your artwork at the end of the project
  4. If necessary, we will then locate and order suitable china, if we do not aready have it in stock. (This is when the major delays may occurr as, since most commercial china companies have "outsourced" their production to foreign manufacturers we may have to wait for a ship to arrive, etc. Though our suppliers usually hold stocks of the most popular shapes, and some shapes are still made in the UK.)
  5. In the meantime we will be checking your/our artwork for technical suitability, and producing copies for addition to your china
  6. Usually we will be ready to start decorating in 3-4 weeks from ordering the china, and most of the technical stuff will be completed in a week
  7. We will ask for a deposit on acceptance of the order. Any remaining payment for smaller orders will be cash on collection or before delivery, though we may ask for earlier payment for larger or more complex orders. We will discuss delivery options and payments to couriers when we know the size of the order.
  8. Throughout the process of decorating your china we will keep you informed of progress, and will be happy to discuss any concerns that you have

Special note for weddings or china decorated to commemorate other events: Please remember that your decorated china may not be delivered until at least 2 months after the photographs have been sent to us. So if you wish to present china at the event, it would be a good idea to take pictures at an early dress rehearsal, or perhaps at an engagement party etc.(We are willing to attempt a faster delivery, but cannot promise to succede.)


Learn about our china in the video below

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We decorate bone china to your specification using permanent, safe, photo-quality transfers


For any purpose you require

How big an order?

Single items up to 100s


We are told that we offer a very competitive service

How fast?

Usually 2 to 8 weeks. Repeat orders much faster.